Engineered Hardwood Floors vs Solid Hardwood Floors

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Deciding on the right kind of wooden floor can be a tricky affair. Research before due installation of your floor is of prime importance to avoid costly mistakes. One of the largest benefits of installing a wooden floor is that the product is environment-friendly. Engineered hardwood floors and solid hardwood floors are both made from […]

Best Finish Nailer for Hardwood Floors

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You no longer need to be worried about the look of the hardwood floor you are installing but rather, what you should be concerned about is whether you have the right tool for the job. Nailing manually might be hard and time-consuming, an experience that you would greatly like to avoid. The appropriate equipment to […]

How to Fix Hardwood Floor Scratches

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It’s a fact no matter how tough the finish on your new prefinished floor, in time it will be scratched. Scratches on hardwood floors are an inevitability, and can result in major damage if left unfixed. While the finished floor is resistant to moisture and decay, when a scratch gets deep enough to expose unfinished […]