Best Finish Nailer for Hardwood Floors

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You no longer need to be worried about the look of the hardwood floor you are installing but rather, what you should be concerned about is whether you have the right tool for the job. Nailing manually might be hard and time-consuming, an experience that you would greatly like to avoid. The appropriate equipment to help with your installation of the hardwood floor is the flooring nailer. Additionally, the Best Finish Nailer for Hardwood Floors will warrant all nail cleats are placed accurately at an angle of 45 degrees. With this in mind, the problem remains in identifying the best tool that will execute the work properly. Below are top five reviews that are the best flooring nailer

  1. LSN3 Lotos

LSN3 LOTOSThe flooring nailer is a two-in-one combo device that has two functions; it works as cleat nailer and also as a stapler. The LSN3 Lotos is flexible and easy to operate. It has a large case that can hold up to 100 cleats or staples. Users of this tool have claimed that it can be used for a long time without experiencing malfunctioning. It has impressive features like a single magazine for cleats and staples, Hard and case, and Die-cast alloy construction that makes it be the best flooring nailer.

  1. Freeman PF18GLCN

Freeman PF18GLCNFreeman flooring nailer works best on dense water groove flooring. It is commonly used because it comes with a fiberglass mallet which is critical hand-accessory. The common types of hardwood floors for best use of Freeman is Brazilian teak, cherry, bamboo, and other hardwoods. The flooring comes in a duo for you to start working immediately. The most attractive feature includes hardened steel drive blade (Die-cast aluminum body), fiberglass mallet, three-base plate sizes inclusive, oil pulls without mark-ends, and a seven-year warranty.

  1. Dewalt DWFP12569

Dewalt DWFP12569It is a high-quality tool worth investing. Dewalt DWF12569 is acknowledged by many engineers and highly regarded as a powerful machine in the construction industry. Like Lotos, it is a 2-in-1 tool that has primarily two functions serving as stapler and nailer. For professional purposes, Dewalt is the best option about durability and performance. It is highly-priced because of its features which include low CFM necessities, an interchangeable base plate that can fit all sizes, well-designed rubber grip, an extended handle, and oil wrenches fitted.

  1. NuMax SFL618

NuMax SFL618The flooring nailer is the most commonly used tool because it is affordable compared with Freeman, Lotos, and Dewalt. It has three-in-one magazine with interchangeable base plates to accommodate all nail sizes. NuMax comes with a mallet and other accessories. Besides being affordable, it is also adaptable, and it is a 2-in-1 tool for both cleats and staples. The most impressive features are hardened driver blade, compatible with all types of fasteners, and includes white rubber mallet.

  1. Freeman PFBC940

Freeman PFBC940This flooring nailer is another model from Freeman; it is cheaper than PF18GLCN, and it is mostly used. PFBC940 is multipurpose and affordable. It does not necessary use oil although it is inclusive on the machine. Freeman PFBC940 has four-in-one functions, 360 degrees adjustable, and anodized aluminum magazine. It can be converted and used for floor molding, a feature that is unique from all other flooring nailer. The magazine capacity is up to 100 cleats or staples. This type of Freeman is the only affordable in the market.